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Sync Systems Implementation was formed as a standalone installation company to provide installation services to its sister engineering company SyncSystems (PTY) Ltd and to industry as a whole.

The rationale behind the founding of the company was the difficulty that SyncSystems (PTY) Ltd had in finding good value for money installation sub-contractors.

SyncSystems Implementation filled this need so well that they have been finding other clients that have a similar need. It was a natural extension of the business to offer the installation services to these companies as well.

SyncSystems Implementation benefits from the close relationship with the engineering company and vice versa as the design work done by the engineering company takes into account the needs of the installation crews, making installation more efficient.

Significant savings in time to install, resulting in corresponding cost savings. Many of the engineering concepts utilised in this way are available to SyncSystems Implementations’ other clients as well, thus passing over the cost benefits at the same time.

SyncSystems Implementation

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